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abbath Worship - 11:00 am

Wednesday Prayer Meeting - 7:30 pm

Our Mission Statement
By God's grace, to reflect His loving character to our community, to provide a place to grow spiritually, and to present the Bible in a manner  that will lead people into a richer, more joyous relationship with Christ and His church.

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Bulletin - 2020.10.17

IIW - Answers In Prophecy Starting Oct-09

Answers in Prophecy Ancient prophecies speak to the future of the world.
Today we see chaos, but what about tomorrow?

  • Are you looking for answers?
  • Where are we in earth's history?
  • Are there prophetic messages meant for people today?
  • Why do so many think we are witnessing the prophecies of Revelation?

We invite you to join us for this important series hosted by It Is Written starting
on October 9th. Register at to reserve your seat

IIW - Answers In Prophecy Oct 9-14

IIW - Answers In Prophecy Oct 16-21

You are about to see how Bible prophecy is unfolding right before your eyes in the world around you. You’ll learn the truth about your future straight from Scripture and what you can do now to prepare for it. So get ready, because you’re about to go on the most fascinating ride of your life! This online seminar begins on Oct 23. For more details or to register to attend, please go to

Amazing Facts - Revelation Now!